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sathi akter
Aug 03, 2022
In Welcome to the Forum
Describing it or the type of event will also affect what kind of emotions she is triggered when she receives it. If possible, we try to go back to see if there was a similar situation or experience in the past, and ask her to try to articulate how she is feeling right now. My own guess as to why some people are particularly stressed because of blurred emotional boundaries is That they are also some type of sensitive bulk sms service person. It’s just that each sensitive person’s point is different. Some people are sensitive to the five senses, some people are sensitive to human emotions, and some people are sensitive to spiritual energy. For example, friend A is often insensitive to his own emotional state, but he is sensitive to cosmic information and the energy changes of others, so he will have a premonition of a dream or a feeling that something is wrong before a close person has an accident. Rather than being troubled by other people's emotions, it is better to say that he may be affected by the energy changes associated with emotions, which are more burdens than emotions themselves (of course, she also has the problem of unclear emotional boundaries). In addition to having sensitive commonalities, the friends I've observed often also have a mother whose emotional boundaries are unclear. When mothers habitually throw their emotions to the people around them, adults know how to avoid them, and children often do not have the corresponding skills. Coupled with the need for identification with their mothers, they have been over-accepted since childhood, resulting in them not learning to have emotional boundaries with others (father escapes, mother has no boundaries = no one teaches and they have to bear excessive emotions). For those who have corresponding troubles, I would suggest slowly establishing inner emotional boundaries and removing your outer boundaries, and the deep
Because it doesn't make her uncomfortable every time, and the way of content media
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sathi akter

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