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zarin taslima
Jul 14, 2022
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Many people say that Kaohsiung doesn't have this or that. In fact, it may be because everyone in Kaohsiung has a big family, and it's good to go home after get off work. It's not like people in Taipei go out for coffee and dinner. So that consumption pattern is very If it is stable, the industry will have a lot of money,” said Tang Xuan, who currently lives in Taipei. Black Tea mentioned a very interesting phenomenon: "Kaohsiung seems to have a solidarity that other counties and cities don't have." If you want to prove yourself and emphasize your own way, there are indeed more discussions and voices in the Kaohsiung Orchestra. Black Tea further analyzed: "This may have something company banner design to do with us being the second largest city." "I don't want to lose to others, but when I come back and think about how to fight, I think it's fine." Black tea vividly depicts the image of Kaohsiung. Do you want the Kaohsiung music industry to be stable, do you want to make the home smaller, the road narrower, and let everyone go out? of course not. I love Kaohsiung’s shallow embankment, and I continue to observe the city, looking for all kinds of possibilities. Faced with the question of how Kaohsiung can move forward, Yiling replied gently but firmly: "I hope Kaohsiung will be different because of me, and I'm still looking for a way. I don't want to go the way of Taipei, but there is no other way that belongs to Kaohsiung. So I'm still looking for a way to change Kaohsiung and me." 211112_55re2 Photo Credit: Kaohsiung Pop Music Center About Shallows From Kaohsiung, the shallow embankment officially formed in 2016. The songs are mostly based on careful observation of society and self-talk, written in Chinese and Taiwanese, and have a unique and poetic temperament. Nominated for the Best Rock Award of the Golden Sound Creation Award for the second time, the second full album "Wedding Road" will be fully released in 2021. If the sea in Kaohsiung is boiled into a bowl of soup, it is "Soup and the Sea". If the entire Kaohsiung space was compressed into one album, it might be "Incomplete Village". But at the moment when the four members are about to turn 30, Asami turned his attention back to himself.

zarin taslima

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